Many features in the RedConnect platform are controlled by dialing the star key in conjunction with a 2 or 3 digit code. The default star codes are listed below. These may be customized per domain by the RedConnect Support Center.

Feature Codes

Feature NameStar CodeFeature
Auto Park Call***Dynamically Parks a Call (in 701-709 range)
Park Call to Extension* (Extension Number)Parks a Call to a specified park ext
Call Pick Up Extension*35 (Extension Number)Picks up ringing call at dialed extension number
Call Pick Up System Wide*36Picks up call ringing anywhere in the system
Call Pick Up Department*37Picks up call ringing within your department or group
Self Call Pick Up*38Moves an active call to another extension owned by the Same User. (Dial from the idle extension to steal the active call)
Activate Call Forwarding All*40Activated Call Forwarding on your extension – System prompts for number to forward to
Cancel Call Forwarding*45Cancels the call forwarding function that is active on your extension
Handsfree Intercom*50 (Extension Number)Places a Hands-Free Intercom call to the extension you entered. This does not work on Single Line or Analog phones
Park Call Pick Up*55 (Parking Lot Number)Will grab a call that is parked at the entered Parking Lot space
Voicemail Retrieve (Password Only)*62Use this code to access your password from you assigned phone and it will only ask for the password and not extension number
Block Caller ID*67 (10 OR 11 Digit Phone Number)Blocks Outgoing Caller ID and inserts “Anonymous” in place of your info
Call Return*69Returns the last that you RECEIVED not dialed
Call Forward Cancel*73Cancels call forwarding set using *40 Code
Activate Night Mode*74Changes schedule to answer calls using the night answering tables – Must be set up in your portal to work
Deactivate Night Mode*75Resets your answering table to standard answering rules
Do Not Disturb (DND)*78Activates Do Not Disturb on your extension
Deactivate DND*79Turns DND off
Start Call Recording*80Starts the recording for the active call – Must have call recording turned on for your extension
Stop Call Recording*81Stops call recording for active call
Pause Call Recording*82Pause call recording for 1 minute OR until *83 is dialed(Unpause recording) Whichever comes first
Unpause Call Recording*83Resume call recording if paused
Call Queue Log In*88Makes you available to take calls in the call queues you belong to
Call Queue Log Out*89Takes you out of your call queues
Forward When Busy Set*90Activate Forward Busy (This feature will only forward to Device or External Number, forwarding to a user such as an Auto-Attendant must be done in the portal)
Forward When Busy Cancel*91Deactivate forward when busy
Forward When No Answer Set*92Activate Forward No Answer (This feature will only forward to Device or External Number, forwarding to a user such as an Auto-Attendant must be done in the portal)
Forward when No Answer Cancel*93Deactivate forward when no answer

Shortcut Call Codes

Feature NameShortcut DialFunction
Direct Transfer Call to Users Voicemail7 then Extension NumberSends a caller to a users voicemail box without ringing the users phone
Call Park – Parking the call7 then park location (20-29)Transfer a call to a Call Park Queue in the 720-729 Range for Parking with Callback Park 1 is 720, Park 2 is 721 in most setups
Handsfree Intercom Call99 Then Extension NumberAuto Answer/Intercom (3 or 4 digit extension) This feature does not work with Single line or analog phones.
Get Voicemail from remote extension5000Calls voice mail system and will prompt for an Extension Number AND Password
Get Voicemail from your phone5001Calls voice mail system and will prompt for Password only
Hot Desking Login5002Prompts for your Hot Desking login info