Red Mountain Technology Solutions is so happy to announce that we now have even more redundancy in the RedConnect Cloud. The new Atlanta Geo-Node will add even more capacity and disaster recovery to your RedConnect Cloud Communications System.

With the new addition of Atlanta, this brings the total of Data Centers Hosting the RedConnect Could to 5 geographic locations. The Atlanta facility joins Red Mountains RedConnect existing data centers in Secaucus, NJ, Las Vegas, NV, Minneapolis, MN, and Dallas, TX.

What Does Geo-Node Mean?

A Geo-Node allows for your programming and call routing of your RedConnect cloud PBX to be active on all of the sites. Each RedConnect subscriber is pointed to your closest primary data center. For Southern Utah, we point the call traffic and programming to our Las Vegas Node. If for some reason calls, fiber link, or the PBX goes down in Las Vegas, seamless transfer of call routing and programming is moved to the next closest data center. It is much like the old days of business phone lines when line 1 is busy or dead it rolls over to line 2, then 3, then 4 etc. Only now we roll over all of the phone system data and lines to the next closest data center that is on line. The result is incredible Up-Time for your service and call completion.

Red Mountain is committed to bringing the very best VoIP experience to our customers. We have spent years researching and testing VoIP technologies and services to come up with a solution that we are proud to but our name on. This allows us to dedicate our efforts to maintaining and creating new and improved features and stability at the best affordable price.

As always, we are here to help

Doug Dahl


Red Mountain Technology Solutions