When installing business security cameras, the optimum location of them will determine their assistance and their accuracy in protecting your business and customers. Before you install the system, you must ensure that you have been able to assess the building thoroughly and ask yourself some paramount questions so you can be reassured that you have placed them in the most beneficial locations.

  1. Where do you think you really need security cameras?
  2. What are the most vulnerable points in your business (eg. Do you have a back courtyard or a large car parking garage, a cash drawer, or money counting room)?
  3. Do you have less used entrances, such as doors, dark corners or windows that may seem particularly appealing to burglars?
  4. Has your business ever experienced a break-in, if so where was the point of entry?

Security cameras are prone to sabotage if someone is determined enough to commit a crime, which means their placement may determine if it is going to be vulnerable to vandalism. Ask yourself whether or not you want burglars to know you have cameras or if you would prefer the cameras to be more discreet. If you want them to know this, consider installing larger more obvious styles of cameras in a visible place, as well as hide the cameras so that you can record any acts of theft without worrying about the cameras being vandalized. At Red Mountain Technology Solutions you will know you’re in excellent hands, placing cameras at the exact right places for your business.

Where Should They Be Positioned Exactly?

It is said that a security camera is best positioned on the rear corners of a building, where it can monitor both locations of front and back. This allows you to continuously monitor and it is even more secure if the camera rotates for a 360 degree overview.

However, you can also add additional cameras for extra security, such as:

At the Back Entrance

According to a survey, up to 72% of thieves break into a building through the back entrance, through either a window or area that is vulnerable. In the event of installing business security cameras, you should have a camera on every door of the premises. Again, try to keep it out of the reach of people or objects they might throw at the camera.

At the Front Entrance

It is believed that about 34% of burglars enter through the main door of your business, so you definitely should install a security camera to observe this area. Place your camera high enough to view the door and surrounding areas but low enough to catch an image of their face. Consider running the camera 24/7 in case burglars walk inside in plain sight previously before the events happen.

At a Place Where It Doesn’t Face the Street

Many burglars will break into a building by entering through a rear window that does not face the street. They reduce their chances of being caught by moving away from passing vehicles. So you can point a camera at a window that does not face the street to protect those windows from vandal thieves. This also offers maximum exposure.

Focus on Your Workforce

Inside theft is a big problem. Employees have access to secure areas and your product inventory. Employees use their friends to move the products when you are not watching or even throw out products to collect from the trash later.

The biggest theft from employees is time and productivity. Plan on cameras in locations that deal with money transactions, expensive products, or employee gathering areas.

For further information on business security cameras and their value to your own business, please reach out at (435)627-2990 or [email protected] to discuss a security plan for your business.