As an entrepreneur, you understand the value of time; this is one of the most significant determinants of productive and efficient companies for many years. Being able to micro-manage employees has shown remarkable results for a variety of corporate organizations. Cloud-Based Business Access Control can contribute a considerable part to the employee management process. To fully utilize all your employees, you must be able to know or track their whereabouts.

Reliable access control can also help keep confidential information safe by only allowing certain individuals access to specific data and client information. Access control plays a crucial role in the security of any facility. Without proper access control, you leave your organization vulnerable to theft, data loss, or breach of privacy.

Modern Access Control

Some years ago, the term access control was merely used for allowing individuals into a corporate building. Access control was a system that could only recognize a specific number of proximity cards or fingerprints and open a door. Nowadays, the technology powering access control systems can closely monitor the time and attendance of employees. It could identify patterns and protect critical and confidential information. Our system utilizes electronic door locks to grant access to recognized individuals. Our software captures and stores any employees’ movement; our data is securely stored and kept safe on central cloud-based management systems.

Services We Offer

As a sustainable business, we understand your needs and requirements; we go over and above to ensure the services we offer will meet your full expectations. We attend pre-installation meetings to understand the needs of our clients fully. We have local technicians that can quickly and conveniently be called out for any emergency repairs on your access control system. We offer onsite training to employees, ensuring that anything you need to know has been discussed and explained to the necessary individuals. This will also allow for quick fixes when any technical issues emerge.

How Access Control Can Help Your Business

To fully protect your company, its employees, and the data in your hands is an essential aspect of any successful business. Having the ability to immediately grant and revoke access to specific departments and areas of your building will give you some peace of mind. Employees are the most vital asset of any business, but when they’re not on time and leave early or hanging around in the wrong places within your building, they won’t be of much use. It would help if you had your employees in the right place to perform at their optimal level.

Security Advantages

Not only do Access Control Systems keep your information and data safe, but the information is also stored. If any misconduct is suspected, your access control systems’ history will narrow the search to find the guilty party. The threat of having data stolen or exposed grows much more significant as your company develops and expands. The more sensitive the information you protect, the more severe your access control and security are involved in protecting it. If anyone can enter your building, it poses an imminent threat to leaked information; information containing personal client information must be protected according to law. Leaked information can pose a severe threat to your company and your clients, so keeping it as secure as possible is crucial.

Monitoring Staff Attendance

Access control enhances any company’s ability to track the time and attendance of every employee. It also saves and stores this data to a centrally managed data center, which can find any necessary information from specific periods. This may be helpful in events where you want to backdate and check employee attendance and see if an employee’s absence shows a pattern. You can remotely allow and deny access for specific individuals using a dashboard or reporting portal.

Emergency Assistance

In events where buildings need to be evacuated, it’s challenging to ensure everyone has been removed from the building and is safe. With modern access control systems, you can see if any employees didn’t make it out in time and perhaps save their lives. It is an excellent safety feature for companies whose line of work makes them more prone to experiencing disasters like a fire outbreak.

Red Mountain Technology Solutions provides a personalized experience at an affordable and competitive price. All systems are tested in our performance lab before they are deployed and brought online.

Keep your access and security in our hands to give you the time to focus on what you do best.