Tired of hearing the same old “Phones are Down Again”, “Nobody Answered”, “The Average Hold Time is ……….. However, we Still Care About Your Call” Really! Should it really be this hard to communicate simply?

The traditional phone system sitting in the back closet with wires strung from here to there has finally made its way to the scrap yard. As with most technologies, communications have changed. We talk and converse with our customers daily and rarely think about how our voice gets there. Aging copper lines in the ground are giving way to high speed fiber making VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) an affordable and reliable way to communicate.

Office Phone Accessibility

Most businesses have a good Internet connection. Reliable High Speed Internet has become the MOST important part of a business infrastructure. With a Network wire to our computers already in place. The groundwork is ready to switch to a VoIP system. Expensive complex wiring and installations that used to take a few days are now shrunk down to a few hours and literally no down time.

Using the Internet as the main connection to our customers and coworkers, a Hosted VoIP phone can now be deployed to home workers with next to no effort or expensive equipment. Just unplug from your desk and plug it in when you get home. Most Hosted providers provide this simple solution to take your phone and go.

Office Mobility

Your iPhone or Android phone has become an extension of your arm in most cases. Hosted VoIP systems use apps from the apple stores to connect to your main communication system. This helps to always be accessible in the “New Normal” workplace.

Even if the Internet goes down, the mobile app will switch to your wireless carrier to keep the calls rolling in.

Mobile Features solve lots of business issues:

  • Answer calls on your desk phone and switch to your mobile or vice versa without having to make a second call.
  • Backup plan for times when the internet goes down. Answer your calls on the mobile anytime and anywhere.
  • Most people are always carrying their mobile devices, this puts the business phone in their hand as well.

Unified Messaging for Your Business

What is Unified Messaging?

Unified messaging allows multiple message types to be all wrapped in one package. Messages that are sent to your voicemail, email, chat, etc. are all brought into one place.

Returning those messages is a breeze if they are all in one place. Staying connected to your customers has never been so simple.

Saving the Best for Last – Affordability

By using the Internet connection in the business, consolidation of services can provide substantial cost savings. Eliminate the costly copper line connections and long distance charges by switching your business communications to Hosted VoIP. A simple Phone Bill audit can be performed to really drill down on the saving. Ask your business technology partner how they can save your business monthly utility charges by replacing your service with an affordable VoIP system.