Your ideal phone system depends on how you choose to do business. There have been several advances in the world of business phone systems, which means you can select the best features for you. The most popular “must have” components to your ideal business phone system tend to be things like mobility, VoIP, conferencing, and video features, all on a secure network of course. If you’re looking to add any “must have” components to your ideal business phone system, our friendly team at Red Mountain Technology Solutions can help you out. Here are some of the features we offer:

VoIP Transmission

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is definitely a must-have component of a business phone system. It’s essentially a secure phone service delivered over the internet or from any data-driven device. It’s great for multiple calls. You can take more than one call simultaneously without hidden charges. It’s also accessible 24/7 and from anywhere, so you can use it on the go. You can make better quality calls, including internationally, for a much lower cost than a traditional phone system.

Cloud Hosted PBX

A private branch exchange (PBX) hosted plan is the best option for your VoIP phone system. It’s ideal for small businesses. The telecom provider will take care of hosting your phone system, but you can operate all the features from an administrative portal remotely. This includes changing conference call settings, managing extensions in your network, enabling call forwarding, and Do Not Disturb options.

Conferencing Options

Look for conference solutions that can help you run your business more efficiently. Hosted Business phone system plans can include conference call options to include up to fifty participants, for example. With a VoIP phone, you can make multiple calls at once. There are also a number of video call options available from most PBX devices to other devices.

Call and Voicemail Options

If you run your own business, you might be used to getting a lot of voicemail. You can now discover features that allow these messages to be automatically transcribed, or even sent to you via email. This is a much better system for keeping track of all your messages. There are plenty of call options as well you can go for, such as call recording and transfers.

Custom Phone System Features

If you’re looking for the “must have” components to your ideal business phone system, then why not design it yourself? Go with a provider that will allow you to select features or choose from a range of packages to find the one that best suits you. There are several custom features you can choose from. Here are just a few examples:

  • Customizable greetings
  • Personalized on-hold music
  • Call logs
  • Hot desking
  • Call intercept
  • Security and fraud detection
  • Autoblock
  • Mobile App
  • Handoff call from desk phone to mobile
  • Savings over traditional copper lines

There are many more amazing features available for your business phone system. You can design the perfect package for you and your company. If you would like to know more about the “Must Have” components to your ideal business phone system, get in touch today.