Communication is part of our everyday lives. People communicate for a variety of reasons. We use communication to share information, develop social and professional relationships, ask questions, express our wants and needs, and much more. Proper work communication is of crucial importance for a legal firm.

Communication at your legal firm enables you to be more agile and achieve better workplace alignment and can help with managing crises. Many legal firms strive for a good relationship with their clients, and a good form of communication strengthens this relationship.

If a misunderstanding occurred between two parties, the main reason would always be a lack of communication between the two parties present. This lack of communication that ultimately leads to misunderstanding has been the downfall of many business relationships, as they say, communication is vital in any form of relationship.

Why RedConnect Cloud Based Business Phone Services Are Perfect for Legal Firms

Down below are just some of the many benefits of having a business phone system like RedConnect in order to boost productivity, increase client satisfaction and optimize results at your legal firm:

  • Communication within the legal field is especially crucial as very important and sensitive information will be communicated between colleagues, the lawyer, and the client. The attorney-client confidentiality agreement is vital in a way that what is being said between the two parties stays between the two relevant parties. It is not always possible to meet in person to discuss the matter at hand, so you will need to stabilize and save the form of communication when there is some distance between you and the client. Business phones will enable you to have the option to record all of the calls that pass through your company. This is an excellent tool to have for you as a company as it enables you to go back and listen to the conversation that took place. It is a perfect way to quickly recap the conversation to ensure that you did not miss anything.
  • For legal reasons, this is also an essential feature to have as you can use it to defend yourself against any possible accusations seeing as you will have the proof in your possession.
  • Lawyers are seldom in the office, seeing as their busy schedules include attending court, seeing clients, and much more – this means lawyers have to constantly stay connected even when they’re not in the office. Mobile integrated Apps are able to assist in keeping communications clear and uninterrupted, whether you’re at the office or at court.
  • RedConnect cloud based business phones also offer a virtual receptionist that will be available to your clients whenever they need assistance, which will also provide a much more formal image for your legal firm.
  • With the RedConnect ReachUC app, you will be able to manage and run your firm even if you’re not at the office – you’ll have a system that will be so efficient and comprehensive, it will feel as if you’re right there at your firm.
  • With a Cloud phone system, you will also be able to have meetings or conferences with your employees. Especially since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, having a system that allows you to communicate remotely is of utmost importance.

RedConnect proved excellent business phones for legal firms, and they also integrated with one of the most common legal software solutions Clio.

Red Mountain offers a wide variety of different packages that you can choose from to suit your company’s needs. Using the RedConnect and ReachUC mobile App combination works perfectly with mobile devices as it will provide you with the ability to be mobile while having all the benefits of a business phone system in the palm of your hand. You will have the power to record calls, place people on hold, transfer calls and join in on a conference call.

So be smart, and join the future of legal firms with RedConnect’s Cloud based Business phone system!