No industry needs real-time communication as much as the manufacturing industry does. For example, if a machine breaks down, the manager will need to contact several people in the firm simultaneously.

Manufacturing contributes to 16% of the global productivity and employs 14% of the world’s population, yet it struggles to master internal communications.

What Is RedConnect for Manufacturing Industry Professionals?

RedConnect is a powerful cloud phone platform with different features like mobile app calling, video calling, and voice calling over IP. These calls have a variety of options, and they include: call recording, hold, blind transfer, announce transfer, and joining a conference call.

RedConnect also provides an easy-to-use interface for its users. For example, calls through RedConnect Reach UC App look like other cell phone calls with addition of the office information.

With this in mind, the RedConnect hosted phone services we provide can transform the whole industry’s productivity. These phone systems cater to the needs of video calls, internal calls, and external calls via the cloud (VoIP).

It has taken us a great deal of dedication and energy to adopt quality service for real-time communication. Years of testing and experimentation have brought us these exceptional results.

The most notable of all our specializations is the Public Branch Exchange (PBX) Technology. Our RedConnect VoIP PBX enables its users to contact one another within the company, with the outside world, and use other channels like voice over IP and analog line interfaces.

This technology is essential to manufacturers because of the need to contact different individuals along the supply chain during the manufacturing process.

Here are some of the benefits manufacturers stand to gain by adopting RedConnect Cloud Hosted phone systems:

Increased Efficiency in Production

Manufacturers have to manage a lot of people at once. The chances of confusion or repetitive errors are high. Through conference video calls, a manager can relay the rules and regulations in real-time to all departments.

Furthermore, if the manufacturers have subordinate companies, they can relay the messages via calls through PBX. These messages get received in real-time, and the responses from the subsidiary companies are immediate.

Such kind of efficiency is what manufacturers need at all times. Besides, the flow of work is effortless, hence the productivity and coordination of activities are simplified.

Reducing Misinformation

Through voice-over IP, all workers will receive the same message. Chances of misinterpretation, misinformation, or tweaking of the message are close to impossible. This assurance is because all employees will depend on one source of information.

Manufacturing is a capital-intensive business, and any machinery damages, production delays, or losses are destabilizing.

About Red Mountain Technologies

We are a business that came to life in 2003 to address a technology gap in our operation area. Initially, our goal was to address issues related to voice and data.

As a result, relentless research and development in communication helped us succeed in providing technology services & data storage services in the cloud.

When voice-over IP platforms developed and advanced enough to be applied to businesses’ communication. We ventured into providing our clients’ installation and management assistance for cloud based business phone systems.

Our RedConnect technology services for communication revolutionized the communication structure of most of our clients. We watch out for any technological trends and provide the services to our clients and our firm has been able to tap into these opportunities and adopted services based on this new breed of technology called the IoT (Internet of Things).

Simply put, we have grown through the challenges and solutions; we guarantee quality and longevity.

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