When times are so mixed up like they are right now with the COVID-19 pandemic, It is important to stay socially distant for others but still be in direct contact “virtually”. Most of the world is wondering how their business can function when we are asked to not go to work. Having a simple internet connection and RedConnect cloud communications solves this issue. By taking the office phone system to the cloud, the location of where you and your employees work instantly becomes the least of your concerns.

Traditional telephone systems require expensive lines from the local “Phone Company” and expensive On Premise telephone systems that seam to be out of date before businesses even get to know how to use them. This locks staff in to sitting at their desk to be able to communicate, answer, and transfer calls to other colleagues. By leveraging the Internet, Red Mountain can move your traditional lines and telephone systems to the cloud to allow any internet connection or mobile phone to become your connection between employees and staff. Eliminate the need for software upgrade expenses and costly service calls by moving your services to the Red Mountain Cloud.

Need to Work From Home for the Day?

– Unplug your phone and head home. Plug in to your home network or even connect to your in-home WiFi and all the features from the office are now at your home office or Kitchen table.

Need to Work Outside the Home or Office?

– Us the RedConnect mobile app to access all the features of the Office Phone. View Contacts, Pick Up Parked Calls, Hands-free Page into the Office, See who is on the phone or available at a glance. It is that simple.

Still Need to Meet With the Team?

– Use Red Mountains Meeting Manager to Host Audio or HD Video meetings

Expedited Switchover Fees Waived

Until the COVID-19 threat is over, Red Mountain Technology Solutions is waiving all Expedite fees to be able to move your business to the cloud in as few as a couple days. Already on a cloud service but not happy with service, features or quality of the calls? In most cases we can reuse your existing IP phones and have you on line in no time.

Red Mountain is always trying to improve the ways businesses implement technology to make them more efficient and to save costs. Let us work with your business to see how we can help get your business through these tough times and reduce your operating costs.

“Together We Can Succeed

For a free quote or to discuss how Red Mountain’s RedConnect products and services can help your business get through these tough times please email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 435-627-2990