With a lot of electronic devices that are designed to be used for wireless network connectivity, there is definitely still a need to take some time to evaluate the benefits that a hard wired structured cabling system can bring, before you set up any kind of new cabling or wireless system in your office. A structured cabling design can provide a complex and comprehensive telecommunication and data infrastructure for your businesses, in order to transmit any data, voice, or video signals throughout the network. The reason being is that a structured cable network is the most secure and robust option when compared to other networks that are solely based on using wireless technology. The wireless access point also requires a good cabling system to support the amount of data that is transmitted between the access point and the main router.


When using a structured cabling system, it is pretty straightforward to use, which can be a benefit to the organization using them. A lot of businesses will use a variety of devices and different IT equipment, all at the same time. As a result, having a single system in place that is color coded and certified to pass high data speeds can reduce how complex things are when there are a number of devices in place that need to connect to the network. If there are any problems, then it can be easy and effortless to solve the problems when you are using a certified and organized structured cabling system. Eliminate most of the crazy wiring mess in the closet or data racks.

Less Downtime

Having a true structured cabling system means that things will be more organized. All cables are labeled and color coded. As a result, it can be quite easy to solve the problems that can occur as a result of poor connectivity or that do result in downtime. This means that you will spend a lot less time looking for and having to identify which cable is causing the problem, as you would have to do when using multiple hodgepodge of cables. Less time resolving problems and less downtime, means productivity for employees is up, and your business can benefit as a result.


A structured cabling system is a system that supports high bandwidth. As a result of high bandwidth, the systems in place can support other things that you choose to use for your business. For example, if you start to use video conferencing more, then it can be used without having to have an impact on the current system that you are using. This means that you can be assured that your cabling system will last, and that it won’t suddenly become outdated down the line.

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