There are many different applications of fiber optics in business today. In fact, a lot of people do not realize the sheer range of use that is associated with fiber optics. Below, we are going to reveal some of these applications so that you can get a better understanding.

Telephone Usage in Businesses & Residential

It has never been easier to call telephones outside or within a country. With the utilization of fiber optic communication, you can have clear conversations and connect quickly, ensuring there is not any lag on either side.

Dentistry & Surgery

The applications do not end there when it comes to fiber optic cables, as they also play an important role in the fields of research and medicine. Optical communication is a vital part of non-intrusive surgical methods, which are known as endoscopy. In these applications, a bright and very small light is used so that the surgery area within the body is lit up, making it possible for the size of the incisions and the number of them to be reduced. These cables are also widely used in biomedical research and microscopy.

Mechanical Inspections

Aside from the two applications that we have discussed, mechanical inspections also need to be touched upon. This is because fiber optic cables tend to be used when inspecting areas that are difficult to reach. For example, when plumbers are inspecting pipelines or when engineers are carrying out inspections, fiber optic cables may be used.

Space & Military Applications

The first place to begin is with space and military applications. When you consider the high level of data security that is needed in aerospace and military applications, it is not hard to understand why fiber optic cables have become the perfect solution when transmitting data in these areas.

Decorations & Lighting

You will also find that fiber optic cables are used in areas whereby there is decorative illumination. This is because these cables offer an attractive, economical, and easy solution for lighting projects. You will see that they are often used to illuminate Christmas trees and as part of other lighting decorations. Some companies are installing fiber optic cables in ceilings to create a starry night effect in theater rooms.

Automotive Sector

Fiber optic cables also play a critical role when it comes to the safety features and lighting elements of today’s automobiles. They are widely utilized when it comes to both the exterior and interior lighting of a vehicle. Fiber optics are increasingly being used because they provide excellent lighting and they enable car manufacturers to conserve space and weight. Furthermore, fiber optic cables can be used for the transmission of signals between various parts of the car, and they enable this to happen at a rapid pace. This makes these cables extremely important when it comes to their use in safety applications like airbags and traction control.

Cable Television

Over the years, the use of fiber optic cables when transmitting cable signals has increased exponentially. These cables are suitable for transmitting signals for HD televisions because of their speed and bandwidth. Furthermore, when compared with the same copper wire, you will find that fiber optic cables are a lot more cost-effective, making them the ideal solution all-around.

Computer Networking

Of course, we cannot talk about fiber optic cables without mentioning their use in computer networking. Networking between computers across nearby buildings or within a single building has been made faster and easier thanks to fiber optic cables. You will be able to see a considerable decrease in the amount of time it takes for information and files to be transferred across networks. Fiber optic cable can carry far more data in less time and over further distances than traditional copper network links.


Finally, it is only right to round-up this post by discussing the most common application for fiber optic cables. We are sure that a lot of you already know that fiber optic cables play a huge role when it comes to the Internet. And, where would we be without the web? The Internet is a necessity for virtually every business today. With fiber optic cables, big quantities of data can be transmitted at extremely high speeds. The technology is consequently widely used in Internet cables. When compared with conventional copper wires, fiber optic cables can carry more data and they are more flexible, lighter, and less bulky.

To conclude, there is no denying that fiber optics plays a massive role in business today. You only need to take a look at the different applications that have been mentioned above to see that this is the case. If you need any help or assistance with the use of fiber optic cables at your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Red Mountain Technology Solutions today for more details.