At Red Mountain Technology Solutions, we are dedicated to deploying technology that meets all the needs a business can have. Any business needs to be able to easily communicate whether it’s with clients, customers, suppliers, etc. Among our range of effective communication solutions for businesses are our Cloud Hosted Phone System packages.

One of the most common questions we receive from those new to Internet Based Phone Service (VoIP) is “What happens when the internet goes down? Are we still able to make and receive phone calls and or receive voicemails?”

Cloud Hosted Phone Systems

To answer that question, we first have to understand how a VoIP phone system works. This is a phone system that uses the internet instead of a phone line. These systems have become popular in recent years because they help cut the costs of long-distance calling.

Since it uses an internet connection, a VoIP phone system offers a wider variety of features than what you can get from a traditional line including:

  • Data security as all data is stored in the cloud.
  • Accessibility. With a VoIP system, you have the option of adding multiple numbers and devices to your network. You can also choose to direct your desk phone calls to your mobile device using a simple app.
  • Unparalleled flexibility. Unlike a traditional phone line that gets assigned to a particular location, your VoIP number isn’t tethered to a single place. You can choose to use it anywhere there’s internet and still receive and make calls as normal.

Will the VoIP System Work Without the Internet?

Since VoIP phone calls are made over the internet, the ability to make and receive phone calls may be affected when your internet goes down. However, reliable VoIP service providers such as Red Mountain Technology, have in place systems to keep your VoIP phone service up and running.

We offer call continuity and system redundancy features that allow you to keep running your business normally. Callers will still get you standard Auto Attendant if it is set up. To ensure no VoIP call is lost, we’ll set up a mobile-backup system and configure it so all your calls will be automatically forwarded in real-time to designated mobile phone numbers or mobile app users should your internet fail. The mobile apps will switch automatically to cellular data to keep the office live. All the call features available on your VoIP handsets will also be available when your calls are forwarded to a mobile device when you use the app. This way, you can still make calls, get calls, and check your voicemail.

Alternatively, since your VoIP number will still be working, you can go anywhere there’s an internet connection and continue receiving calls as normal. Unplug and go if you are required to work at home. The voicemail-to-email feature also continues to work so none of your voicemails are lost.

There are many advantages to having a Cloud Hosted Phone System for your business, including the ability to maintain communication with your clients or customers even if the internet goes down, there’s a power outage, or even a natural disaster. At Red Mountain Technology Solutions, we offer Cloud Hosted Service packages to suit most businesses. Get in touch with us today for more information on this and other business phone systems we offer.